Clarity: Key to Your Transformation (Part 2)

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  • 23 February, 2016

Hi there!

I hope you have answered the 2 questions I asked you to in the last blog post. If not, do head back quickly here to get an idea of what it was about. Alternatively, you can choose to watch/hear this post on my YouTube channel.

Here are the 2 questions I had asked you to consider:

1) Do you accept that you are caught in a hamster wheel?   and

2) What are your obsessive thoughts?

Question 1: ‘Caught in the Hamster Wheel’

The key: Get out of it!

Are you having some kind of problems and situations that you never seem to get out of? The key is to get out of it.

By getting out, I mean that you are not getting emotionally affected by it anymore.

As long as you continually find yourself in situations that cause you frustration, anger or misery, that means you are affected. The symptoms of being affected shows up either in your mood, work performance, studies, and even in your health.

We were all made strong and healthy at birth. So when things so awry, chances are that the reasons may be psychosomatic.

Question 2: What are your obsessive thoughts?

The key: Realize that your problems are coming from yourself, not the other person.

What seems to be bugging you all the time? Our problems usually revolve around certain people (eg. family members or a significant other), or themes (eg. work life). And when these obsessive thoughts surface in your mind, you feel emotionally affected.

Whatever these thoughts might be, there is only one problem: You think your misery / trouble / sadness is coming from the other person; the outside situation, and not you.

Some time ago, I had a family crisis. But I did not let it affect me. That does not mean I don’t care – I do. But while my siblings were going crazy over it, I accepted the situation just as it was.

Once I accepted the situation “just as it was”, I could take action effectively. Whatever that I could resolve within my means, I did it. And whatever issues that I couldn’t solve at that point in time, I accepted that I just couldn’t.

Whenever I explain this to my clients, they will usually start arguing with me, “No, it’s because this person is the source of the problem, etc”

But the crux is this: You still think the problem is caused by other people, and not by your thoughts, or rather, the Principle of Thought.

As long as your thoughts are not changed, you will continue to feel the misery that is burning inside you all the time. Nothing from the outside can cause you any misery – only your thoughts.

It’s usually your thinking about what happened that provided your interpretation of events. And, in a split-second in our wonderful brain, we had blamed, complained and labeled others, thus causing the problem.

See if you can entertain that concept, for a start.

In Part 3, I will talk about the Three Principles, which are fundamental to either bringing us happiness or misery.


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