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These Hands On Transformation Videos Are Dedicated To YOU With LOVE!!

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These exercises will uplift and inspires you to transform, living a blessed life.

Do allow a few moments to connect with the feeling of gratitude that brought you to this page.

Your Heart wants to Give, especially where you have GRATITUDE, you’ll feel EXPANDED…


The Joy of blessing flows into your life when you bless others!

Give your gift to the less fortunate and the amount will give you a feeling of expansion, upliftment, generosity, and loving kindness.

Do follow your heart, choose $5, $10 or $50 to contribute towards the good cause of Thye Hua Kwan Society.

Brief history of Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society

Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society (THK) is established in 1978, aiming to be a one-stop service hub for the less fortunate to seek help from and has continually expanded the centres and services. In late 2011, to ensure adhesion to proper governance, THK underwent restructuring and now has a new subsidiary welfare arm – Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC), where offering help to beneficiaries with full respect to their race, colour, creed, language, culture and religion being the core value for the organisation and ensuring the community that their kind donations are entrusted in good hands. http://www.thkms.org.sg/

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With Love & Gratitude
“The Clarity Messenger”, Nancy Ho aka Happy Nancy

Breathing Exercise For Relaxation

Breathing Exercise For Cleansing