Event Details

Title: “Live Your Life In Truth And Love”
Date & Time: TBA from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue: 43 Jalan Merah Saga #02-72 Singapore 278115 (Holland Village)

When it comes to living a wonderful and successful life, many learn to devise a thousand strategies for happiness and success.

However, all it takes is to find the one thing that really works and do it a thousand times!

You do not have to be the smartest, most well read or experienced; you could be an introvert or extrovert, and even seemingly self-assured or insecure.

All you need is an unusually high degree of trust in your own sense of knowing and a willingness to follow that sense, regardless. That means, you have a deep relationship and belief in the wisdom within you.

The fact that so many of people tend to be out of touch with that inner wisdom and try a thousand different ways to become successful and happy only to realise that it did not work.

Many continue to search and seek, to no avail except with huge disappointment and disillusion about the world and their successes.

The fact remains is that all it takes is to be connected to their deeper mind and their inner wisdom, guiding and navigating their decision making effortlessly.

    • Do you want to experience amazing clarity, peace and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?
    • Do you want to live a life, rich with meaning, purpose, and joy easily?
    • Do you want an extraordinary new understanding of how life works?

What’s In For You

  • Discover the secret to deep, genuine connection
    It turns out that connection is the most natural thing in the world, once we understand how it works.
  • How to get out of our obsessive thinking and stay in the Now
    We have been told we think too much and need to stay in the present but people are still struggling with “How do I stay in the Now”. This programme gives you the know-how!
  • The ultimate leverage point for evaporating your limiting beliefs
    All limiting beliefs are the result of a fundamental misunderstanding of three things:
    1. How life works
    2. The way we think
    3. Who we really are

This revolutionary approach is built around three simple principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better in a matter of moments.

Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your limitless creative power.

And when people change on the inside, it changes how they go about their lives and their relationships. You’ll be able to live with less stress, greater ease and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life.

Live in the space where miracles happen… Are you ready to begin?

Event Details

Title: “Live Your Life In Truth And Love”
Date & Time: TBA  from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue: 43 Jalan Merah Saga #02-72 Singapore 278115 (Holland Village)

Seats are limited to 18 participants.

Yes, you can succeed with doing nothing more than a super Clear Mind to achieve positive results.



Nancy Ho
Life Transformative & Transcendental Coach
State-of-Mind specialist
Clinical Hypnotherapist