Clarity: Key to Your Transformation (Part 11)

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  • 6 November, 2016

Hi there,

In my last blog post, I had talked about “buy in” and distortion. If there is distortion, then you find it hard to completely buy in.

After you buy in to something, you won’t just sit around. You will be motivated to take action. If there is no action, nothing happens. You need action to carry through your plan to make it happen. The action plan also had to come from decision. Life is all about decision-making, not about thinking. So often someone says, “Let me think about it.” or “I need time to think about it.” they actually mean “let me buy some time to make a decision. How pathetic is that? Have you been making some good decisions that have made an impact in your life, or are you still “thinking about it”?

But of course, in order to make decisions, we need information. And information does not come through thinking. Information comes from our observations, knowledge and understanding and most importantly, our practices.

What are “practices”? Not yoga or meditation. I’m referring to what you do during your waking hours. Let’s assume that you practice positive thinking for one hour a day, but if for the rest of the day, you spend the other 16 hours fretting or steeped in negative thinking, forget it.

That’s right. I’m talking to your 16 hours of moment-to-moment thinking – thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your action. Are you practising being calculative, stingy and narrow-minded? Resentment, anger, complaining?

If you do all the above, you know what you are going to become. You become what you do every moment. On the other hand, if you are practising generosity, kindness, love, being open-minded, you will know what kind of life you will have. What goes around, comes around.   :-)

Till the next time, remember to practise the good things!

Stay well,



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