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Clarity: Key to your Transformation (Part 1)

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A large part of my work revolves around hypnotherapy and interventions, to guide my clients through obstacles and difficult patches in their lives.

Lately, I have been thinking of a more proactive way to address such issues of the mind. It’s like “teaching people how to fish”. I sincerely believe that people serious about improving their lives will be willing practise this skill – the skill of attaining Clarity.

My clients who have achieved that insight were amazed by the benefits it brought. They reported feeling a newfound power and confidence at their own abilities, and better relationships with their loved ones. In short, their dreams were unfolding before their very eyes, and boy were they excited about it!

Clarity is going to be the key to your personal transformation and I guarantee you will feel changed from inside out. More importantly, by gaining Clarity, you can get out of the hamster wheel of life.

Here are 2 simple exercises to do right now, and you may wish to view the accompanying video before starting the exercises:

  1. How good are you feeling in all aspects of your life? Are you totally satisfied or feel that you have some issues? Here are some areas to get you started, but you have to be brutally honest with yourself here!
    1. Health
    2. Relationships (Family/significant other/colleagues)
    3. Work role
  1. Write out your obsessive thoughts. What is the first thing that you think about when you wake up? Or when you have a private moment to yourself in the bathroom?

In my next post, I will share in greater detail about why asking yourself these 2 questions matter.

Your Clarity Messenger,

Nancy Ho

Happiness is a Choice

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I recently came across a poster at a store, and it read:

Happiness is a Choice. Choose it!

Everybody wants to feel good. But why are so many unhappy people then? Is happiness only a theory? The thing is: Many people choose to be negative, not because they want to, but because they are unconsciously doing it.

Take your family members for example. You love them and want the best for them. So you try to counsel or talk to them on their bad habits, but your advice falls on deaf ears. They are not proactive enough (in your opinion) in taking the right steps. And when you become unhappy, you might be thinking, “But hey, I didn’t choose it. I am talking to them out of concern for them, but they think I am nagging.”

Here’s what I would do: When I find that someone is not receptive to what I am telling them, I will drop it.

Because…I choose happiness! Why continue to do something when you know you are not getting the results you want? Dropping it is not the same as giving up. I will revisit my strategy (in reaching out to the other party), as well as reflect upon my thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Then I will re-strategize on how to approach it differently the second time. Sometimes, I find that the timing is not ripe or I have done all I could at that particular point in time. But I reiterate, I do not give up.

You might think of it as walking away from the problem for a moment, and coming back to it at a later time. Just remember to come back to the issue again soon. I know of many people who have walked away from their problems and never came back again to try and solve it!

The next time you are frustrated because you seem to have hit a brick wall, try ‘dropping it’ and emotionally ‘walking away’ from it for a while. After all, you need to maintain your own sense of mental wellbeing so you can come back and re-solve your problems!

Stay well in the meantime, and see you soon,


Happiness can be Easy

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Dear readers,

Why are so many people unhappy with their lives? The answer is simple:

It’s because they choose to be affected.

As long as what they see, hear and observe is not according to their own liking or preferences, they react. When this happens, unhappy feelings well up inside them – call it frustration, irritation, anger or being offended – it comes in many names but all point to the person being in a state of “being affected”.

Some clients challenge me, “Hey Nancy, are you telling me that you are never, ever unhappy?” Of course not. I can be affected just like anyone. I am human, after all.

However, I advocate having a different outlook on life. I am very, very focused on what I want. By that, I mean that I am focused on what’s important for me. And along the way, if things don’t fit into what’s important for me, although I still get frustrated, but I won’t allow it to eat into me.

Here’s an exercise for you to try:

When something happens to you that you do not like and makes you agitated, drop it emotionally. Use your head to quickly think of a solution or the next steps to take, but do not allow your heart to flood yourself with feelings of self-pity or victimization.

When you don’t have the bad emotions standing in your way, you will find it much easier to choose happiness. Test this new technique this week, leave a comment and tell me how you feel about it!

Have a good week ahead,